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Casanas Park & Trail

39th st park

Casanas Park & Trail 

Address: 3802 6th Ave, Holmes Beach, FL 34217
Interactive Map & Virtual Tour: Casanas Map & Tour

Casanas Crossing assumed the name of the original city subdivision where it is located. It is a series of three interconnected linear parks. These parks beautified and cleaned up several abandoned city right-of-ways and were also designed to provide essential area drainage. These linear parks resulted from public-private partnerships. There are two East-West sidewalks and one North-South sidewalk. The two East-West sidewalks are 39th street between 5th and 6th Avenue and 38th street between 4th and 6th avenue. The North-South sidewalk is 5th Avenue between 38th and 39th Street. This well-designed and well-maintained park has several benches with shade, a diverse landscape of both native and Florida-friendly plantings. The park features a number of unusual and beautiful specimen trees. Casanas Crossing is a popular city park providing safer pedestrian and bicycle access to retail by avoiding Gulf Drive.

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