Chief Tokajer

Chief of Police

William L. Tokajer 941-708-5804

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Police Contact

In case of an EMERGENCY, please dial 9-1-1
Police Hotline: (941) 778-COPS
Administration: (941) 708-5804

How do I obtain a police report or accident report?

To obtain a police report, please stop by or call the Records Department at (941) 708-5804 or email them at Vehicle accident reports are not public records for the first 60 days. If you are a party or represent a party involved in the crash, please obtain DHSMV 94010 Affidavit from our FORMS section and complete it, have it notarized and bring to the Holmes Beach Police Department. We can notarize it at the police department as well. 

You can also obtain a vehicle accident report at Crash Reports LexisNexis