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Vacation Rental Certificate

The City of Holmes Beach no longer requires rental property owners to obtain a Rental Business Tax Receipt.  However, a Vacation Rental Certificate is required in the City of Holmes Beach for all weekly and monthly rental properties.

Hotels and Motels are still required to obtain a Commercial Business Tax.
Zoning District Rental Requirements
  • R-1 - 30 day minimum
  • R 1-AA - 30 day minimum.       Note re:  R-1:  For continuous Rental Business Tax Receipts issued on a weekly minimum basis prior to March 27, 2007, the nonconforming use status of such resort housing dwelling units expired on  March 27, 2017 (ten years from the effective date of O rd. No. 07-04) and occupancy of such dwelling units shall thereafter comply with the minimum 30-day occupancy.
  • R-2 and R-3 - Weekly Minimum Rentals (excludes certain grandfathered hotels renting on a daily basis)
  • R-4 - Weekly Minimum Rentals (excludes certain rentals located in the overlay district renting on a daily basis)
 The City's Code can be accessed through the "Online Library" of the Municipal Code Corporation www.municode.com
  The rental restrictions are detailed in the Land Development Code under Zoning, Art VI 6.3.

Also refer to Art. IV, 4.2 D regarding the ten year sunshine for R-1 non-conforming rentals. 

For further information or to apply for a Vacation Rental Certificate, please contact:

Ami Cox, Administrative Accounting Specialist
941-708-5800, ext. 222

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