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City Treasurer

Lori Hill, MBA, CGFO 941-708-5800, ext. 228

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2019-2020 Adopted Budget FINAL

City Treasurer

Lori Hill, City Treasurer
Phone: 941-708-5800, ext. 228

The City Treasurer is responsible for safeguarding and accounting for city assets through the application of generally accepted accounting principles, and as required by general law, subject to such policies and procedure as the commission may by resolution or ordinance direct.

The City Treasurer shall:

  • Manage and administer the collection of revenues and oversee the disbursement of expenditures and ensure the audit thereof.
  • Oversee the investment of city funds as directed by the commission.
  • Manage the city's insurance and coordination of city debt issuance.
  • Prepare and report on the city's annual budget.
  • Prepare and present audited annual financial statements of the city.
  • Prepare and manage the city payroll
  • Maintain and manage accounts payable.
  • Provide supervision, training and professional development of all employees within the office of the treasurer.
  • Perform such other fiscal services by direction of Mayor in accordance with law, the Charter, ordinance, or resolution of the commission.

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