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City of Holmes Beach Stormwater Phase D - 1City of Holmes Beach
Notice to Residents and Tenants

As part of the City’s ongoing Capital Improvement Program for Stormwater; the City’s Contractor will be installing Stormwater filtration/percolation systems in June 2020 along and within the City’s rights of way in the open and/or grassed areas adjacent to the edge of asphalt. Driveways and heavily landscaped areas will not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary to ensure proper drainage. Existing drainage inlets and pipes may be repaired/replaced/modified as many of the pipes are failing at the joints. The improvements will be installed along the following Streets:

Marina Drive between 80th Street and 82nd Street
80th Street between 81st Street and Marina Drive
81st Street between Palm Drive and Marina Drive
82nd Street between Gulf Drive and Marina Drive

The construction activities will last approximately 1-2 months. The construction areas will be excavated and filled within the same work day to ensure that no hazards are left open overnight or over the weekends.

The many benefits of these improvements include but are not limited to the following:

Flood Reduction:
Elimination of sediment and pollutants discharging to the Bay (an outstanding Florida Water Body);

Replenishment of fresh water lens (groundwater supply):
Reduction in long term maintenance of the City’s Stormwater management system;

Long term reduction in Storm Water Utility Fees and Assessments.

 Please take note: the City Engineer will be available to meet with residents. Opportunity will be provided to discuss any concerns that residents may have. If you wish to discuss the project details, please contact Lynn Burnett at 941-526-3375.

Matt McDonough
Public Works Administrator
City of Holmes Beach
5801 Marina Drive
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