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Vacation Rental Certificate Ordinance Amended 9-24-19: New Fees Adopted include:  Initial App (includes inspections) = $545.00; Renewal App Fee (... read more

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Building Permit cost?
The cost of all permits is $48.00 for the first $1,000 of value plus $30.50 for each additional $1,000 of value or portion thereof; due upon issuance of permit.   All permit fees are regulated by and specified in the City Code of Ordinances.

Please note BOTH s.553.721, F.S. (Department of Community Affairs/Florida Building Commission) and s.468.631, F.S., (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) require collection of 1 percent, and 1.5 percent fee, respectively, or a minimum of $2 of the cost of the permit fee.

You can also call the Building department at 941-708-5833 or e-mail:  or FAX to 941-708-5812.

Will my contractor obtain the permit?
Most properly licensed and insured contractors know what projects require a permit.  Unfortunately, not all contractors comply with this requirement.  Please remember, it is the property owner who is responsible for ensuring that all work on his/her property is preceded by acquisition of the appropriate permits.

How do I find out if my contractor is licensed?
Most all work that requires a permit must be done by a licensed contractor per Florida State law.   Before you sign a contract for repairs or construction work make sure the contractor has a Florida State License, current General Liability and Workman’s Comprehension Insurance or an exception to it.  

Hiring unlicensed contractors is not recommended and both the unlicensed contractor and the owner who ordered the work may be subject to severe fines and penalties. Call the Building Department at 941-708-5833 to verify a contractor's status or check with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations at 800-704-1077 or